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There is a new marina on the Expo site, with limited availability for visiting yachtsmen.  A separate part, later to be incorporated into this marina, is being used by the Expo authorities as a display area.

This new marina is to be operated by a commercial firm although an integral part of the Expo site does not have access to the exhibition.  During the Expo period it was expected to have about 400 berths and this will increase to over 1000 berths in 1999.

Prior booking into the marina has been made by the various races and rallies organised in association with Expo'98.

At the middle of June 1998 this marina opened with limited facilities with not all the piles and pontoons in place.

Due to its proximity to Expo'98, berthing charges are high and the limited number of places have given the marina a problem with accommodating the vessels requiring mooring.

It is essential that prior booking is made and the contact person is :-
     Gracia Rodrigues
    Largo Palmeiras
    1050 Lisbon

    Telephone    01 350 58 00  (International + 351 1 350 58 00
    Fax          01 350 58 08  (International + 351 1 350 58 08

In June 1998 the characteristics of the marina lights had not been agreed and the were not installed.  In the marina mooring area there are unlit piles waiting for pontoons.  It is strongly recommended that entrance is not made during the hours of darkness.

Flights into Lisbon are expected to be very busy during the Expo98 period and both Porto (Oporto) and Faro are alternative international airports with regular coach and train connections.

If your main reason for visiting Lisbon is to visit the city rather than Expo,  it is probable one of the existing marinas nearer the town centre would be more suitable.  Again, bookings should be made if arriving during the Expo period, as the Lisbon marinas are always full of local boats.  For details go to the main Lisbon page.

There are no suitable anchorages in the river near the Expo site.

Suggested alternatives are :

For vessels from the north not wishing to continue down the coast to Lisbon, leaving the yacht at Viana do Castelo is an alternative.  The port authorities have said that if the marina is full, vessels may be moored in the old commercial dock close to the town centre.  This avoids a journey north later against the Nortada (see page on Using the Wind)

Other suggestions considered but rejected are :-

There is a discount on Expo 98 tickets for early booking and also a special 3 day ticket.  At this moment it is not known if berthing fees in the Expo marina will include entrance. 

 For a translation of a press release dated 27th June 1998 see end of page.

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Direction Cruising Itinerary In Marina Overnight Next Anchorage
Going North Peniche 32 miles Peniche 32 miles Cascais 10 miles
Going South Sesimbra 14 m. Setubal 30 miles Seixal 5 miles
River Tagus (Tejo) Anchorage Seixal 5 miles
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Translation of a Press Release issued on 27 January 1988

your safe haven close at hand

Lisbon is going to have a safe haven. In Lisbon's MARINAEXPOyou will find all the advantages of a river marina, where you are able to sail throughout the year, or adventure out to sail to other places.

Due to it's situation on the EXPO'98 site,  Lisbon's MARINAEXPO is fortunate to be able to have the use of the most modern service infrastructure that exists and also large commercial , recreational and leisure areas.

With 1,100 berths, from 6 to 50 metres,  Lisbon's MARINAEXPO will be the largest, have the most facilities, and be the liveliest nautical centre in the country.

Divided into two parts, the North Basin and the South Basin,  Lisbon's MARINAEXPO will open to the public at the beginning of April. In this first phase there will be 400 berths situated in one of the most attractive areas in this capital city.

During EXPO'98, located in the North basin will be four floating restaurants, also the Portuguese Sail Training Ship "Sagres", the Spanish Training Ship "Juan Sebastian El Cabo" and the Training Ship "Esmeralda" from Chile. Also berthed will be the frigate "D. Fernando e Gloria", the famous "Tuiga" of the Yacht Club of Monaco, the German icebreaker "Polar Stern" together with the participating yachts in the "Round the World Regatta EXPO'98" and other vessels invited to take part in the Nautical Exhibition and other activities.

Ready for the 21st. century,  Lisbon's MARINAEXPO offers the most complete nautical service in Portugal.

In the South Basin, near the Reception Pontoon, are the marina offices which will be open 24 hours a day, the medical aid station and the fuel pontoon where  modern methods will give a rapid , high quality service.

Near to the Reception Pontoon is also situated the Shipyard. Equipped with advanced technology and operated by highly trained personnel, the Shipyard offers a wide range of services. Covering 2,000 m2 all problems can be resolved here. The Hard Standing has space for 200 vessels, nearby there are specialized services, chandlers and nautical workshops. There are also travel lifts, capable of lifting the largest vessels, cranes and ramps.

In the Lisbon marina, MarinaExpo, the yachtsman will be able to use of the various services available in the Nautical Services Centre and on the Quay  Situated in  the building adjoining the ‘Nau Building’. the Nautical Services Centre has washing and toilet facilities, washing machines, and kiosks selling other needs. On the pontoons, there is water, electricity and telephone together with handcarts for the transport of  personal possessions. Here, and though out the marina , there will be a daily collection of rubbish and used oil.

Since boat security is one of the priorities, the marina of Lisbon. MarinaEXPO, will have a modern security control system.  Uniformed security guards, and controlled access to the pontoons, will make this marina your secure haven , near to you.

In the ‘Nau Building’,  situated in the central area between the two basins there will be a commercial and recreational area, with restaurants ,bars, shops and esplanades which will enliven the whole area. In an adjacent building there will be the Sailing Club which will organise various sailing events. It will also have meeting areas, a gymnasium and social areas.

The protection of the environment is of paramount concern with this type of activity.  Therefore the marina of Lisbon MarinaExpo, will have the most advanced system of pollution control. There will be a 15 metre vessel with  high technology equipment and operated by specialised personnel . It will have equipment to empty holding tanks by suction, equipment to combat fuel spills, waste solids, general pollution of the water as well as advanced equipment for fighting fires and dealing with other emergencies. This equipment will result in control and consequently the reduction of the environmental impact of this scheme.

Surely, the marina of Lisbon MarinaExpo, will be the most sophisticated and lively nautical centre in the country. Please accept this invitation to come and find out about this ‘secure haven near to you’

To obtain more information, you can contact us :-

by telephone at:-  (number changed at revision date of these pages - see above
by fax at:-

and visit us at our stand "MARINAEXPO - Sailing berth"  at FIL - Lisbon International Fair from 28 February to 8 March 1998

(webmaster's note, Nau is believed to be a large ship of type unknown. If anyone has details please send them to me by email)

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