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Lisbon Chartlet
The river entrance may be reached by the main channel or, the smaller North Channel which are shown on the charts and in the pilot books. These channels should be used since they are separated by banks of shallow water on which swell breaks in bad weather. On the ebb expect a current of 2-3 knots which sets onto the shoals east of Fort Bugio on the island at the entrance.

There are now 6 Marinas in Lisbon. The Doca de Bon Sucesso and Doca de Belem are in an attractive area near to monuments. However, all berths are taken by locals and it is unusual for space to be found for visitors.

Doca de Sao Amaro, which is under the bridge, has been developed and now has disco bars open to 4.00 a.m.. Doca de Terreiro de Trigo is beyond the ferry terminal with the entrance partly blocked by a barge. This is close to the poor quarter of the town and there are reports of thefts.

A new marina has opened in Doca de Alcantara which is above the bridge and behind the cruise liner and container terminals. Entrance is from upriver and there is a swing bridge as you double back. This marina gives the best chance of a successful stay.

Futher upriver there is a marina at the former Expo site. This marina has been requalified and is now operational. We will soon have more information on this page.

If wanting to anchor, try the river at Seixal on the other side of the river which is connected by ferry to Lisbon. Buses also connect to the main ferry crossing at Cacilhas.

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Peniche 32 miles
Peniche 32 miles
Cascais 10 miles
Sesimbra 14 miles
Setubal 30 miles
Seixal 5 miles

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