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Manor Houses Lda is a bonded and insured Travel Agency located and registered in Portugal, License No.2600.

We are an English owned Limited company with a share capital of 100,000 euros. The Managing Director is an English Chartered Accountant who operates to the standards required by a member of his profession.

The company has many domain names covering different areas of operation and since 1995, we have offered accommodation in the Iberian Peninsular over internet.

With over 12 years of experience in the industry we have an understanding of our customers needs. Our team of 9 highly trained staff members, who collectively speak English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian and German, are available to advise and assist.

We do not accept money from guest's, there is no middle man involved so you are not paying inflated prices. All payments are made by you, direct to the accommodation provider. For self catering accommodation you can choose to pay the owner direct or us.

With this policy, we believe that those making reservations through our site have the maximum protection possible knowing that their interests are best served.

We specialize in the Iberian Peninsula and pride ourselves in knowing the accommodation on our site. Properties are inspected before being invited to appear and, in the case of a group or chain of hotels, we inspect a representative sample of our choice.

No charge is made for inclusion on the site and we reserve the right to remove a property, at any time, if standards are not maintained. This also applies if we are of the opinion that the accommodation will not be available for financial or other reasons.

To maximize the occupancy of the accommodation promoted and to ensure that they provide a high quality product and the best service possible, at the lowest available rates, to those using our websites.

To create public awareness of tourist accommodation offered in Portugal and Spain.

To provide a free, efficient and speedy reservation service on behalf of our clients who supply the accommodation.

To make every effort to ensure that those using our sites stay in accommodation most suited to their needs and that they receive maximum enjoyment from their stay.

We are adding selected accommodation in many more countries to our portfolio to serve the needs of visitors to our sites : and

In 1992 David Lumby, as local representative of The Cruising Association, created an internet site providing information for yachtsmen sailing the Portuguese coast. The site still shows details of all the ports, harbours and anchorage's in Portugal suitable for cruising yachts.

In 1995, an owner of a Manor House asked for her house to be promoted on the site. Within one week, ten houses had asked to be included and a month later the figure had risen to over one hundred.

As a result a team was put together to provide a service to the owners of the Manor Houses and tour operators using this type of accommodation.

The growth in the level of business has resulted in the formation of Manor Houses Lda.

The business has expanded to include our selection of high class accommodation in Portugal, Spain and other countries featuring Hotels, Paradores, Pousadas, Manor Houses, Inns and self catering property.

Our growth rate has remained outstanding. Our sites now receive over 5 million 'hits' per month.

We have seen other companies, with sites more recent than ours, include selections very similar to this site. We consider that this shows our selections to be correct and our expertise of benefit to our readers. We do however notice that accommodation we have removed, for various reasons, remains on these other sites.

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Telephones - Portugal
+ 351 258 835065 / 820150 / 821751
Fax - Portugal
+ 351 258 811491 / 828852
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Rua Ricardo Marques, 41 - 4900-008 Viana do Castelo, Portugal
Administrative address
Apartado 596, 4901-908 Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Millennium BCP
Viana do Castelo
Name of account
Manor Houses Lda
Account number
0033 0000 0109 1029 17764

Associação Portuguesa das Agências de Viagens e Turismo (APAVT) No. 1.322

  American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
Registration Number 900115537

 Society of Portuguese Travel Agents 

  The largest Association of travel specialists in the world

ABTA  (Ass. of British Travel Agents) - We are not eligible for membership because we are based in Portugal 

IATA and ATOL - We are not eligible for membership because we do not sell airline tickets 

Our main site is and is hosted by us in Portugal
Some subsidiary sites are hosted in the United States of America

These web sites have been created by David Lumby and are maintained solely by members of this firm.

The content of the sites are the intellectual property of the company and cannot be copied without permission.

We are not professional website designers and we welcome any suggestions for improvement. We think that the speed of arrival of information is more important than using the highest quality pictures or enhancements which slow down the loading of pages.

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