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Povoa de Varzim marina
Although the town is over 100 years old, it has been taken over by high rise flats and hotels for tourists attracted by the long sandy beach.

When entering the northerly breakwater you should be given a wide berth since there is often breaking water at its extremity. In addition, there is an isolated rock close to the inside of the northern breakwater. After entering between the two breakwaters, turn to starboard passing round a row of unlit green buoys marking shallow water near the breakwater.

There are about 50 berths for yachts of 10m or more with depth of at least 2,4m and 4 berths for yachts of up to 18m with depth of at least 3 m.

Povoa is a busy fishing port where you might still see one of the traditional, open sailing fishing boats.  The fishermen used to be a community, marrying within their own and related families.  Each family has its own sign for its boats which has been passed down through generations.

This new marina is rapidly establishing a reputation for the helpful attitude towards visitors. This applies to both the marina office and also the ancillary services offered by To Mane of International Marine Lda.

Povoa de Varzim is an excellent place for hauling out for the winter using the 35 ton travel lift and, a cradle can be made.  There is plenty of hard standing and most yachting services (all at the lower rates of Portuguese labour) are available. Facilities include a laundry room, a bedroom with two bunk beds (use your own sleeping bag) and a restaurant on site.

It is a good place for those with a rope around the propeller since the entrance is easy to enter under sail in most conditions and a diver is available through the marina.

Yachtsmen will probably find that the nightlife centres on the casino which also has shows, exhibitions and a restaurant. In the town there are many bars and restaurants, and for those wanting a change from Portuguese food, there is a good Chinese restaurant on the waterfront.

There is a railway station about 15 minutes walk form the marina with regular trains to Porto centre.  It also passes near Porto Airport.

Fuel is available shortly at the short hammerhead which is also the arrivals berth.

Those taking a leisurly family cruise around Portugal might consider taking the mast down here and motoring the 10 miles south into the Douro River.  This is now navigable for 200 kms through breathtaking scenery to the Spanish border. Contact me for additional information.

Anchorage in the harbour is permitted provided that neither the marina entrance is impeded nor the fishing vessels using the north breakwater. The north east of the harbour in 3m is suggested.

There are four yellow buoys 3 miles offsore of which three are lit. Futher details can be found at the page on these buoys

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Leixoes 11 miles
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