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Viala Real de Santo Antonio chartlet
A new marina has been completed and was opened at the beginning of 1998. It has 340 berths with water and electricity available at the pontoons. Fuel is also available. 

The original town was destroyed by a wave, caused by the great Lisbon earthquake, and rebuilt many years later in 1774 by the Marques of Pombal who also rebuilt Lisbon. 

As in Lisbon, the town was built on a grid system and the project is said to have taken only  5 months. 

This new marina might encourage more vessels to explore the River Guadiana which is navigable for 20 miles to Pomaro. 

There is a new road bridge (23 metre clearance) shortly after Vila Real de Santo Antonio. 

Although not buoyed, the river is deep in mid channel and on the outside of bends.  Shortly before the limit of navigation there are pontoons at Alcoutem (Portugal) and Sanlucer (Spain). Local advice should be taken if proceeding above Alcoutim since the channel is not obvious and the sand banks shift. 

The towns up the river are more attractive than the ports at its entrance. Travelling shops visit the villages with bread, fruit and vegetables. Free berthing and showers are sometimes available but not always water and electricity. 

In 1998 many boats wintering upstream were carried away when the river rose rapidly 6 metres above its normal level.  This also caused damage to the marina. This event took place after heavy rains upstream. 

There are reports that the authorities at Vila Real de Santo Antonio are the most officious in Portugal and tolerance is required! 

Vila Real de Santo Antonio marina in The Algarve
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