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Tavira marina
A pleasant anchorage protected by an outer island but with strong tides and open to the west winter wind. Fishing boats operate both day and night which do cause swell in the anchorage. Do not lie alongside the jetty which is in continual use by ferries.

Anchor out of the channel which is used by the fishing boats

On shore, near the anchorage, there are restaurants, shops toilets etc. in a small community.

The pleasant town of Tavira is a walk of about a mile along a causeway or, it can be reached by dingy. Tavira has a roman bridge and restaurants under the palms on the riverbank where a good lunch is served. It is worth going into some of the many churches which have magnificent interiors.

RCC Guide - Atlantic Coast of Spain and Portugal - Fourth edition

Amendments and comments:

I don't agree with the entrance instructions.  They should be : -
From .5 M off the entrance approach the red and white beacon on the end of the western breakwater keeping it on a bearing of 276 degs true, when 15 metres off beacon turn into the channel keeping close to the western breakwater. The depth on this approach is at least 2.5 m.

Received form Martin Northey - Algarve Sailing School - June 2000

When anchoring in the position marked on your chartlet it really is very important to lay two anchors. The most effective way that we have found is to run both out from the bow with 25-30 metres of chain to each, tie the chain together and then drop it 2 metres below the surface. Doing this keeps you well out of the channel that the fishing boats use all night, if you stray into their channel they consider it fair game to come as close aspossible and set up one heck of a wake!

Received form Julian Mead - Portugal Sail & Power- July 2001

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Vilamoura 29 m
Vilamoura 29 m
Culatra I. 9 miles
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Vila Real 20 m
Vila Real 20 m
Ayamonte (S) 21 miles


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