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Frequently asked Questions

  • What type of accommodation is this?
These are privately owned houses which the Government considers worthy of support in order to maintain the structure and interior. 
  • Are bathrooms en-suite?
Yes, except in a few cases which are detailed on the site.
  • Is there a restaurant?
Not usually, but the owners are always willing to recommend a good local restaurant.  Dining out in Portugal is inexpensive with good food and wine.
  • Do the owners live in the houses? 
Yes, usually.  However, the owners accommodation is completely separate from the guest accommodation.
  • Is this type of accommodation suitable for children?
Not usually, the interior of these houses are furnished with items dating back to the period when the house was built.  The many irreplacable pieces and unprotected stairways make this type of accommodation unsuitable for children. 
  • How do we check if accommodation is available?
Click on the auto request form, complete your requirements and send.
  • What is the minimum length of stay ?
Usually two nights, some houses have a three night or longer minimum stay which is stated on the site.
  • Can we hold an option whilst we check flight availability?
Yes, normally 24 hours.
  • With whom is the contract?
The owner of the house to whom payment is made directly.
  • Will I pay less if I go direct to the house?
No, the prices on our site are exactly the same as the owner charges.
  • What are the payment terms?
1 to 4 days - Provide credit card authority and pay on arrival
5 or more - 50% non refundable deposit
  • How do I guarantee my reservation?
By complying with the payment terms above. For the houses who do not accept credit cards, the credit card authority is held by ourselves and will only be activated in the event of a 'no show' or late cancellation.
  • What is the method of payment?
In euros to the owner, or his representative, on arrival.
  • What is included in the price?
Generally, accommodation for two persons sharing a double en-suite bedroom for one night and breakfast.  A small reduction is usually made for single occupancy.
  • Can I pay with credit card?
Most owners do not accept credit cards, payment should be made in euros.
  • How can I get euros?
The most convenient method for foreigners is to use VISA or MasterCard in one of the many 'Multibanco' ATM machines.
  • What is not provided?
Beach/pool towels, please bring your own.
  • Can you arrange extra beds for additional party members?
Often ‘foldaway’ beds or sofa beds can be arranged for children for a small extra charge.
  • What if I have to cancel?
The terms vary for each house and often the reasons for cancellation. Our site gives the terms and conditions of one of the owners organisations, the terms of the individual house would not be more onerous. This type of accommodation is designed for the holiday market and is not intended for the businessman with changes of schedule. Click here to view our terms and conditions and the owners organisations' cancellation policy.
For self catering houses and cottages, longer stays and during special periods of high demand, a non-refundable deposit and early payment is usually required.
  • Who are you?
Manor Houses of Portugal.  We assist our clients with the promotion of their Manor Houses.  Click on our name for full details of the company.
  • Have you inspected the houses?
Yes, all properties have been visited by us and only the houses meeting our standards appear on the site.
  • Do you remove properties from your site?
Yes, unlike most other listings of holiday accommodation, we do not charge for appearing on the site. This enables us to remove a property at any time. 
  • Do we need Visas?
Usually yes, if you reside outside the European Union.  Check with your local Consulate and allow plenty of time for the application to be processed.
  • Do I need a Passport/ID card?
Yes, please ensure your passport is up to date and covers the period of travel.
  • Can we take pets?
No, unfortunately we are unable to accept bookings from clients travelling with pets.
  • How far is the beach from our chosen Manor House?
Check with the description on the site.  We list distances to beach, restaurant, shops and airport.
  • Are air flights included in the price?
No, the price is for accommodation only allowing you to obtain the cheapest flights available.
  • Which is the nearest airport?
Faro for the Algarve, Porto (Oporto) for northern Portugal and Lisbon for other areas.   All have many flights to European destinations.  Lisbon is the main airport for transatlantic flights.
  • Do I need to hire a car?
For some Manor Houses it is essential, for most it adds considerably to the enjoyment of the holiday. Check with us first if not using a car.
  • How do I hire a car?
Please click here to hire a car.
  • Can I pre-book golf at cheaper rates?
Yes, we have links with a specialist firm to obtain discount rates and guaranteed tee-off times for our customers.  Click here to see the rates.

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