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Montesinho Natural Park

Natural Park of Montesinho
'Beyond the Mountains'
Situated in Tras-os-Montes, in the region of Montanhas to the north east of Portugal and with the Spanish mountains as neighbours, Montesinho is a fantastic mixture of natural resources and very old, cultural heritages.

Text provided by the Portuguese Tourist Office (with minimal corrections)
Montesinho Natural Park
The mountains carry on as far as the eye can see, into Spain. Unexpectedly, there are coloured birds and melodious bird songs that it is almost impossible to hear in less hidden places.  At a distance, against the blue of the sky, you can follow the sinuous flight of a royal eagle. At the crossing of the pathways it is easy to detect the footprints of wolves and foxes, deer droppings and to see where the wild boar has passed.

The wolf is an ex libris of the region, as it is believed that the greatest concentration of this species on Portuguese territory is in Montesinho. The roe deer, the fox, the wild cat, the badger and the otter are other mammals that roam here. The most important of the birds are the royal eagle, the kite, the hunting kestrel and the field thrush. The horned viper, which always avoids contact with Man, or less offensive species such as the Sardanisca iberica (Iberian wall lizard), can occasionally be seen. The numerous rivers and streams are populated with trout, bass, snook and barbels.

The immense forests of black oak are one of the region’s main riches, which living in harmony with the sweet chestnuts, the symbol of the natural park, contribute to the balance of the forest. On the rocky slopes there is an abundance of white birch, heather and broom, whilst on the banks of the rivers there are alders, willows, hazels and poplars.

The isolation provided by the mountains gave rise to the development of unique cultural forms. The ‘Rionorês’ dialect itself, spoken by those living along the River Onor and Guadramil, the community forges and ovens, the cattle herding and the neighbourhood counsels are living examples of the well rooted social and community traditions.

75,000 hectares
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North east of Portugal
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