Cruises in the river Douro

May 3rd, 2010

Take a Douro cruise from Oporto (Porto), Regua, Pinhao and Barca d’Alva past the Port Wine quintas for the highlight of your time in Portugal.

The Douro river rises in Spain where it is known as the Duero. As it becomes wider, it forms the border with Spain before turning west across the width of Portugal. It is navigable from the Spanish border for the complete crossing of Portugal until it reaches the sea at Porto (Oporto) on the west coast.

During its journey, the river passes the Port Wine quintas in a region of steeply terraced hills and mountains.

In recent years, the river has been tamed by a series of dams and locks and no longer has the dangers of the rapids faced by men of former years. Information on the different cruises available can be seen at the Douro Cruises front page.