This shows a map of Portugal with a list of Ports, Harbours and Anchorages. The individual ports can be accessed by clicking on the Port's name when underlined (links).

It is suggested that you browse through the list by clicking on the links provided which will take you from place to place on one of the following routes:

  • A personal Summer Cruising Itinerary suggested by the author
  • Using Marinas only
  • Going from Anchorage to Anchorage (summer weather only)


At the end of each port description there is a table with links to enable you to:
  • Continue on the suggested Cruising Route
  • Continue to the next Marina
  • Continue to the next Anchorage

All these links have two options depending, on the direction of travel :

  • South down the west coast of Portugal to Cape St. Vincent and then East along the Algarve coast.
  • West along the Algarve coast to Cape St Vincent then North up the west coast

The text has automatic links to web sites for further information regarding towns, marina prices etc.  To return to these pages use  the BACK button on the browser or, alternatively use the browser's 'history' list if you have accessed many on other sites. 

Chartlets have been based on information from Port Authorities etc. and should only be used commercially with appropriate permission. Copyright of photographs is not necessesarily mine and they are reproduced in accordance with normal web etiquette. 

This guide should not be used for navigation. Many navigational features which are correct in published charts and pilots have not been reproduced and it is the intention of these chartlets to draw attention to changes only. The Chartlets have been drawn freehand by non-experts and are not to be relied upon. 

The copywrite of the text is the author's and may be used commercially with acknowledgement to the author, the Cruising Association for whose members this guide is prepared, and the Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation. 

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